The Best Things to Buy in June

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Summer is nearly here, and that means cookouts, beach days and, actually, quite a few deals and discounts. If you know what to look for, you can take advantage of some great prices to save money. (You might even be able to stow a few things away for holiday gifts!) Just make sure you’re in need of the items you buy, and not just shopping for the sake of a good deal.

Discounts on Dishes

The arrival of summer also means the start of wedding season. Because of this, a few of the most popular wedding gifts are on sale: dishware and cookware. Whether you have registry gifts to find or just need to replace some old dishes, look for discounts on sets of pots and pans, casserole dishes, glassware and full table settings.

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Fitness and Fathers

As fitness fanatics and outdoor enthusiasts start to take advantage of the nice weather, you’ll see prices drop in stores and at your local gym. If you’re set on signing up for a gym membership or exercise classes, now is a great time to do so because of summer promotions. Equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals and weight machines are also heavily discounted during the month of June. Even active wear and apparel is on sale this month, as many look to get fit for summer.

Father’s Day is approaching, and as a result, many of dad’s favorite gifts are on sale. Home improvement and box stores are offering sales on name-brand tools and toolsets, which make great gifts or provide a good opportunity to finish that DIY project you’ve had your eye on. Other Father’s Day specials include restaurant discounts and free admission to museums, zoos and parks.

School’s Out

The kids will be out of school soon, but keeping them entertained doesn’t have to be expensive. Movie theaters often offer midweek promotions, even as low as $1 admission for family-friendly movies. Make sure to sign up for your movie theatre’s rewards program and you can grab discounts on food and beverages, too.

Don’t forget the graduates in your life this month. If you’re nudging any birds out of the nest and need the perfect gift, June is a good time to buy a laptop at a discount. Though it’s hard to believe, stores will begin back-to-school promotions in the coming weeks and laptops and tablets are among the first items to go on sale. However, if it’s not in your budget for June, deals will continue through the summer.

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Lingerie and Swimwear

Each June, you can typically find deals on lingerie across a few retailers, spearheaded by the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale. This year, in addition to sales on lingerie, Victoria’s Secret shoppers can take advantage of swimwear sales. The store recently announced it will discontinue its swim line, and as a result, is offering up to 60 percent off those items, a rare find at the start of summer.

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Tropical Travel

You may think you have to wait until winter to find a good deal on travel to the Caribbean, but that’s not the case. The hurricane season starts in June, so resorts offer competitive deals to destinations like Mexico, Barbados and Jamaica; and luckily, storms are more likely to appear later in the season. If you’re nervous about weather but still want to take advantage of the lower prices, explore airline and resorts’ rescheduling policies in the event of a storm.

Enjoy the start of summer with smart spending by snagging seasonal discounts, shelf-clearing sales and holiday sales.

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